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Soft Medicaps is the Franchise of Pharmaceutical Company in India. We believe in manufacturing standard therapeutics for serving society. We have a fully-equipped avenue prepared for manufacturing Steroids & Hormones, Dietary & Vitamins, and Non-steroid and Steroid supplements. We believe in manufacturing the products of the best quality. The main objective of our Company is the innovation of medicines and manufacturing it for better healthcare facilities in India. Our team challenge themselves every day by researching more efficiently in developing new pharmaceuticals.


Our vision is to provide innovative and affordable solutions for healthcare for the global community. We are committed to creating formulation of new drugs and using the Soft Gelatin Technology more innovatively.


The mission of Soft Medicaps is to become innovative and a leading global player in the field of formulation of pharmaceutical drugs.


We have specific value systems in our Company. These are Integrity, Excellence, Growth & Learning, Innovation, manufacturing the products of the best quality by highly qualified staff and open-minded & welcoming towards the approach of new ideas.

Our history

Soft Medicaps started its journey twenty years ago. Now it has become a brand by serving the best. People started loving this brand because of its quality and affordability. In the year 1990, it was named “Besto Plast”. This was just a beginning. We have achieved many remarkable successes in these twenty years because of the support and love of our clients.

Milestones of Soft Medicaps



This company started its remarkable journey as ‘Besto Plast” in 1990 with a hand-full of people who were very energetic and fuelled with passion and wanted to serve society by their work. We started this company without any superior collaboration. We had the vision and the ambition to create quality products for making a lasting impact in society with our pharmaceuticals.



After the establishment of this company, Soft Medicaps Limited became a legal corporation on 30th November 1998 as a Private Limited Company with the Regd. 10-13187 of 1998.



The company set another milestone when it got promoted into Public Limited Company on 15th February 2000. This benefited them by opening new doors for the business to the company and helped to establish superior collaboration



In January 2005 our Managing Director Shri Rajendra Prasad Sharma decided that the objective of the company is manufacturing the medicated drugs. For achieving this objective, Shri Rajendra Prasad Sharma decided to take the necessary action towards establishing the manufacturing unit for the company.



The Soft Medicaps Limited completed its journey of twenty years with remarkable ascending growth. In this course of time, the company had made many improvements as soft gel manufacturers.



Soft Medicaps is currently manufacturing great products that meet the needs required by WHO. The main centre of attention of Soft Medicaps is to build the facilities for manufacturing of the standard pharmaceuticals as soft gelatin capsule as required by FDA, revised schedule “M” and WHO CGMP & USFDA. Our MD Shri Rajendra Prasad Sharma is continuously working and guiding this company to meet the standards required for WHO GMP.

Why Choose Soft Medicaps?

We offer you the international quality of pharmaceuticals at an affordable rate. We are specialized in making Soft Gelatin Capsules for more effective therapeutic medication with lesser side effects.

The aim of our company is the innovation of the medications by researching because we believe that innovation in medications can lead to towards the development of medical treatment which is enormously valuable that can help us in saving lives and improve the quality of life of the patients.

At Soft Medicaps, our team works in favour of applying science to make a positive impact on the lives of people. Our support team challenge themselves every day to learn and grow.

We have a responsive customer care service that can help you to solve your problems.

We always try to surpass our customer expectation. Our company firmly believe in customer satisfaction and manufacture only those products which meet our customer’s expectations

Our management system has great calibre, and always ensures that the product should be result oriented. We believe that our main focus should be our customer.

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We are a professionally managed company backed by competent management and with a goal to serve the suffering mankind through quality products.